5 Top Web Design tips to Improve your Conversion rate

Do you want to increase your web site conversion rate?. As you know, Represent the website is the most important role in the conversion. For this you give focus on web design and web development.

Here we are sharing some most of the point of the web design tips which increase your website conversion rate.

web design tips  Responsive Website Design: Responsive design provides a pleasant mobile experience is by most important aspect. Responsive web design helps you tap a large customer base. A responsive website design (RWD) is familiarizes to fit any screen to desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets in a way that makes all pages.

  1. Simplicity is the Key: Today Most people are like a perfectly clean, simple and flat web design. Which tray to impress to customers with an overload of animations and flash in fact create an adverse impression.
  2. Stock Photos: Photo gallery is mostly like by the users. Stock photos look good on your blog website, but when we come on a business website, eCommerce website, web portal then we should require add real, unique and original images.
  3. Easy Customer contact: Contact us page is most important for business leads. Once you have impressed your customers enough, make sure that the contact us page, button and links are conspicuous. Make sure that the customer does not find it difficult to locate your contact form or button or phone number.
  4. Social Media feeds: Social Media – which is the best supper digital marketing technique for  getting more traffic. Social media feeds are considered good by some, but honestly, they are distracting. They draw attention of the customer from what he is actually doing on the page – whether is buying  a product or requesting a quote etc.

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Magento Development of an e-Commerce web Application

Magento is a best eCommerce open source PHP platform, developed by Varien Inc. USA company.

Magento is a strong, secure e-Commerce, PHP frameworks to make an E-commerce web portal. Magento cart is a very popular choice among many PHP frameworks, for your e-commerce website. Magento cart is very useful & easy to manage product browsing, payment, order management, shipping and catalog.

Benefits of a Faster Magento website

Get High Traffic – Magento is best PHP frameworks to develop a search engine friendly website.

Improve Conversion Rate- Magento website, improve customer experience and hence conversion rate.

Good Customer satisfaction- Magento website load within 2 second.

Reduce Bounce Rate visitors will leave your website if not looking nice & take too long time to load.

Here You can look in a Infographics for Magento benefits and best Ten effective ways to improve Magento’s Performance @

Hire Magento Developer
If you are searching to Hire a dedicate Magento developer for your e-Commerce web portal contact @ Dev Technosys. Dev Technosys is an ISO 9001:2008 certified web development company leading web services as PHP web development, custom web design, software development, SEO/SMO and Mobile Application development services at modest prices.

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The Supremacy of iPhone app Development over Android

Android is as of now a greater business sector than the OS, when we check in number of gadgets. Almost 80% of the adolescent favored Android as their first smartphone. As the Google controlled innovation is higher than iOS on a few focused, yet the majority of developers needs to make apps for Apple gadgets. How about we borrow more profound as why each versatile app developer needs to be an iPhone app developer for a renowned vocation.

• IOS scores high on Technicality and Revenues:

I was reading at some forum discussion sites and techforum4u and found a devoted fan clarifying his correspond for the love of iOS. He clarified why fabricating an iOS app is so basic and liberal for his iPhone application development team. You get the complete backing of Swift on a smoother target C component. You can’t chance your thought to end up normal or not getting enough backing, on the off chance that you go on Android with a paid version.

Be that as it may, he likewise made sense of the significance of expanding on Android once your app clicked for iPhone clients. He clarified ” Selling an app specifically on Android is path troublesome than doing it with a cycle of the iPhone. Once your iPhone app is esteemed worth your app cost by clients, individuals on android will without a doubt need to get that components ASAP”. He likewise guaranteed, iPhone clients are route higher in rate with regards to utilizing paid adaptations of Apps.

•    Its an Apple

Ask any 15 – 16 year high schooler to uncover their first smartphone, eyes will twinkle with an iPhone. Conveying an iPhone is a style signature with an illustrious vibe. You have owned the best smartphone ever fabricated and that gives a feeling of fulfillment. Everybody utilizes an Android with a restriction or with a will to claim an iPhone some point in future. Uncommon are the determined fanatics of Android, who have delighted in the greatness of top of the line droid telephones from Sony, Samsung or Google.

•    Time and Money

Truly, it’s very dull for Android developers to end up an expert at first point. Finishing their ordinary course in PCs, then putting themselves to a cruel preparing of Advanced Java lastly beginning dealing with Android SDKs. Individuals invest a lot of energy (and cash) on learning Java and afterward rehearsing hard on the stage. That is the reason producing for iPhone is preferably minimal effort and simple (less expensive than iPhone in any event). Learning C-code language structure is for the most part of the syllabus of their traditional studies and in this manner, it’s depends just on one’s advantage how rapidly he can be a piece of the iPhone app development group.

Essentially, a great iPhone app created

You can without much of a stretch put your vote in iOS box in the wake of perusing this, yet there is unquestionably considerably more measure of Android fans. What’s more, the most plausible thing they detest about Apple is, it’s not totally permit free and various potential outcomes like building enlarged apps that are versatile and perfect with new open brilliant gadgets, remains a hell of a work for iPhone Developer.

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PHP 7 – Go Ahead And Upgrade!

As you know PHP is one of the best server-side scripting language for web application development services. PHP is used to create e-commerce website, web portal, and small business application. PHP has several open source options such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Along with Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Zend, Phalcon, Yii, Aura, Fat-Free, PHP-MVC, Kohana, FuelPHP and Slim Frameworks.

IN the latest PHP news, the PHP development team announces for new PHP update “PHP 7.0.0 & PHP 7.0.1

PHP 7.0.0 Released  with new version of the Zend Engine, many improvements and new features such as.

php Web Development•    Better performance: PHP 7 is up to twice as fast as PHP 5.6
•    Suggestively cheap memory usage
•    Abstract Syntax Tree
•    64-bit support
•    Improved Exception hierarchy
•    Many fatal errors converted to Exceptions
•    Secure random number generator
•    Removed old and unsupported SAPIs and extensions
•    The null coalescing operator (??)
•    Return and Scalar Type Declarations
•    Anonymous Classes
•    Zero cost asserts

You can also read here about PHP 7.0.0 http://bit.ly/1YAzvwv and http://bit.ly/1OKr6kM

Do you know Why we need PHP 7?

Here is top 5 reasons, why we must look forward to PHP 7

1.    Much Improved Performance

E-business has turned into the substance of the web today keeping in mind PHP 5.6 could engross 41 landing page demand for each second, the figure running somewhat up with HHVM 3.7 captivating 64 demands for each second. It is PHP 7 that stood first in the marathon diverting 69 landing page demand for every second.

2.    Faster Transactions in Magento

The world has confidence in quick and enraged and that is precisely how PHP has been redesigned. The servers utilizing PHP 7 can run 3x more Magento exchanges on the same equipment. Not just that, there is an important 30%, diminishing in memory utilization for enhanced execution.

3.    WordPress

While PHP 5.6 was utilizing around 100M CPU guidelines to execute one WordPress ask for, PHP 7 makes it more straightforward and smoother with only 25M directions. What’s the outcome? Basic, spare the expense on servers as the same measure of clients can be presented with less servers!

4.    Extended Boundaries to 64-Bit Windows System

There is a purpose behind festival for the 64-Bit windows client as both the local whole numbers and record framework will be bolstered. Fitting in with the group of Linux, it was not all that that one couldn’t run PHP on windows. On the other hand, the past PHP 5.X series was not created to bolster 64-Bit number or substantial records. This exponential change has accompanied PHP7 and it is unquestionably a well thought one!

5.    Still Not Satisfied

On the off chance that the above four reasons have not possessed the capacity to drive you towards PHP 7, then this last reason will make you swoon. Already, discovering and taking care of deadly mistakes was not a simple assignment for PHP coders. With PHPNP, Engine Exceptions come into picture which permits the coders to supplant the deadly mistake with special cases.

As specified above, PHP group was going for a leaner, meaner machine to change the substance of the web world and that has worked out with PHP 7.

If you are looking to Hire PHP web developer, Dev Technosys is best IT software development company which working on web development & mobile Application software development with new latest PHP 7 & PHP frameworks.

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Why Use WordPress For Building Your Online Web Portal?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) which is extremely easy to use, and regularly utilized for building E-commerce website. Today web entrances which are dynamic and rich with elements are made utilizing WordPress. Being a cost-effective decision, WordPress has been utilized for building a large number of website pages. Truth be told, WordPress is being utilized to manufacture one out of each six web portal, is the thing that late studies demonstrate.

custom web developmentWordPress is an extremely cost-effective solution suitable for sprouting new companies and moderate sized company. The individuals who are newcomers to the universe of the web will observe WordPress to be an extraordinary device with incredible elements like full WordPress customization and simple WordPress movement. Topics and formats most suitable for WordPress improvement are anything but difficult to discover as there are numerous alternatives accessible, from fundamental to premium. With the privilege WordPress improvement organization close by, you are certain to be inspired by the outcomes.

Give here  some of the features of the successful WordPress:

Simple to use for Admin:

WordPress advancement is amazingly simple and can even be utilized by laymen for altering and transferring content without the requirement for experience or extraordinary specialized abilities. Without the utilization of HTML coding, the expansion of sites, pictures, pages and so forth to WordPress should be possible.

A lot of plug-ins:

There are a lot of plug-ins accessible for enhancing a website’s usefulness, as W3 Total Cache, iThemes Security, Contact Form 7 and so forth. Such plug-ins empower the expansion of functionality to a website, without having the prerequisite of custom coding.

WordPress customization:

On the off chance that you require highlights which are not in default wordPress setup, You can look for a decent WordPress Development company who gives WordPress customization at modest prices and maintains quality. By doing customizations in WordPress center records, you can get the craved components on your site Dev Technosys.

WordPress supports to search engines:

It is very true that, WordPress supports to all the search engines. A reason why developers and clients go for WordPress is because of the way that this CMS offers high adaptability. Accordingly, it is a choice that is trusted by both designers and users.

High Public Base:

On the off chance that a developer gets himself profoundly inundated in an issue amid WordPress advancement, he won’t need to stress as a solution is close within reach, as WordPress has a colossal dynamic group base. Along these lines, any issues or questions that engineers have WordPress improvement can be effective and immediately determined with help from different developers with aptitude and experience.

Redesigning (Upgrading) is so easy:

In the event that you feel that Redesign or Upgrading  to more current forms may be a bother, you won’t stress, as with WordPress, Redesign or Upgrading  to new versions is very simple. Truth be told, all it requires is a single click.

wordpress-development 1As should be obvious, WordPress is a best decision for building your web portal with the points of interest not halting at simple WordPress movement and complete WordPress customization. Make sure that you just contract WordPress development company which have years of experience and use the most up and coming technologies and tools.

If you want to hire a WordPress developer  for your online web portal & web development services, Dev Technosys is a best option for you, it has years of experience in web development service in all PHP frameworks.

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What You Get From Best SEO Company

SEO services have been multiplying in the World Wide Web and in case you’re a little business, you may have no idea which SEO company you would contract for your SEO services.  As of right now, it is vital to have a general thought of what sort of SEO services are best for your business. The fact of the matter is SEO services are an indispensable part in putting one’s business site on the first page indexed lists pages (SERPs). The purpose behind this is that if a site is mysteriously absent from the initial three pages of internet search results for a pertinent pivotal word, that site is viewed as unfruitful.

Numerous go for the alternate route to get to the first page of the internet searchers and that is through Pay Per Click (PPC). It’s actually that Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns can truly give you a help of activity however this is extremely convoluted. If not done appropriately, it could blaze the company spending plan on the grounds that PPC is more costly than getting SEO services from the best SEO companies. Website streamlining (SEO) is to a greater extent a more drawn out term crusade. It could take a gander at in the first place, however, it will give one’s business more benefit over the long haul. For PPC then again, once you quit paying the web indexes, your income will likewise stop.

SEO specialists
What SEO Services are made out of:

Key word Research

SEO services dependably begin in essential word research. This is a procedure of distinguishing pertinent and productive magic words that individuals are writing in the hunt bars of the internet searchers. They do this to discover data, item, and services online with the expectation to purchase or research The searcher’s plan is critical in essential word research on the grounds that regardless of the possibility that a business site is on the main spot yet the decisive word decision has no business goal when utilized by the searcher, no changes and deals will happen. So in magic word research, always remember to solicit the business goal from the pivotal words picked by an SEO services supplier. Another element is to know what number of hunting there has been in the previous month for a certain catchphrase and likewise distinguishing the inquiry pattern of the decisive word in light of the fact that there are a few sorts of pivotal words that are occasional.

Strategic Link building

Link building services are likewise some piece of the package incorporated into SEO services. One can’t simply go and begin to manufacture greater part of connections in light of the fact that it could prompt banning a business site. There are sure techniques on the best way to fabricate interfaces legitimately to rank high in web search tools and SEO services firms can contemplate the business corner and add to a third party referencing arrangement. Be careful with companies that guarantee snappy rankings on the grounds that they more often than not do blackhat strategies or deceptive third party referencing which could likewise prompt banning a business site. SEO administration suppliers are sharp in building quality backlinks to get a business site to page one of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Social Media  Promotion

Social Media  advertising is one of the most current site improvement services gave by top SEO firms and it quickly picked up ubiquity on the grounds that it viably builds brand mindfulness and proselyte deals beside pulling enormous movement. SMO is a sort of web showcasing where one uses well known online networking channels, interpersonal interaction sites, social bookmarking, web journals, and Audio is facilitating sites to make brand mindfulness, brand faithfulness, viral buzz, and advertising to advance one’s item or services. Online networking enhancement is the sister of search engine marketing (SEM), where a sponsor offers an add up to web indexes keeping in mind the end goal to get monstrous introduced in online networking channels like Facebook advancement standards and the like. These two SEO services can go together and is extremely successful, especially in viral advertising. This system could make incredible online perceivability and introduction overnight.

Web Site Design and Development

SEO services give viable business sites. Site innovation has advanced to another level. These days, static locals bore numerous guests and those organizations with connecting with sites tend to change over best. It’s anything but difficult to construct a site nowadays on the grounds that refined site manufacturers programming is presently accessible in the business sector, however a decent business site must be composed exceptionally well, from the realistic plans to the programming setting. A site must be anything but difficult to use for guests and simple to creep for internet searchers. SEO services , suppliers give both.

The vast point of interest of hiring the SEO services by the best SEO company, the conceivable is that web promoting is ensured to succeed and not doing it appropriately is a guess out of nowhere. SEO services must be comprehensive and not simply in a bit of a site or a crusade. To entirety it up, recognize the best purchasing magic words with less rivalry yet have high activity; rank with the business site for those magic words through a key moral linkbuilding arrangement, influence the force of online networking channels to pick up brand mindfulness and dedication and fabricate a connecting with, simple to utilize site for guests and for the web indexes.

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Do you know the Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites Disappearing from Top Google Results?

SEO is a good strategy for getting good online business inquires. But due to new Google update “Mobilegeddon”, many business E-commerce websites lost their top Google ranks from mobile search result.

⇒ Did you check own website for Mobile-Friendliness?  

 ⇒ Did you lose your website traffic?

Don’t worry if you have not checked your website status yet, or if you don’t know how to check a website’s mobile friendliness without taking any help by professionals.
How to know Website status is Mobile-Friendly or not? To check website status, just follow us?

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, there are two steps to know your website is mobile friendly or not:

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+M (it converts your browser screen into a preferred mobile screen, you can also change its size.

2. Use add-ons that are specially designed to convert your screen or shows the results separately.

If you are using Google Chrome or opera or Safari, Just try to get additional add-on that can help to identify the responsiveness of your website.

If you have not a Mobile-Friendly & Responsive web design for your website you can lose more business. You can also visit here for bed result of Non-Mobile-Friendly on Google Blog News:

“Here are many brands and companies that still don’t have mobile-friendly sites. According to a new study from Moovweb, there are clear visibility and ranking consequences, in addition to usability consequences.”

April 21st was the formal date when Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm kicked in. From that point forward, Moovweb has followed “1,000 critical e-business pivotal words in a scope of commercial enterprises” to see whether and how it has influenced global rankings on Google…. Read more

So, if you don’t have a Mobile-Friendly & Responsive website and looking for a best web designing company, Dev Technosy will be a best choice for you.

Dev Technosys offer best web services as Responsive web design, E-commerce web development, online portal development, Mobile software development services & SEO/SMO services at modest prices.

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