5 Top Web Design tips to Improve your Conversion rate

Do you want to increase your web site conversion rate?. As you know, Represent the website is the most important role in the conversion. For this you give focus on web design and web development.

Here we are sharing some most of the point of the web design tips which increase your website conversion rate.

web design tips  Responsive Website Design: Responsive design provides a pleasant mobile experience is by most important aspect. Responsive web design helps you tap a large customer base. A responsive website design (RWD) is familiarizes to fit any screen to desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets in a way that makes all pages.

  1. Simplicity is the Key: Today Most people are like a perfectly clean, simple and flat web design. Which tray to impress to customers with an overload of animations and flash in fact create an adverse impression.
  2. Stock Photos: Photo gallery is mostly like by the users. Stock photos look good on your blog website, but when we come on a business website, eCommerce website, web portal then we should require add real, unique and original images.
  3. Easy Customer contact: Contact us page is most important for business leads. Once you have impressed your customers enough, make sure that the contact us page, button and links are conspicuous. Make sure that the customer does not find it difficult to locate your contact form or button or phone number.
  4. Social Media feeds: Social Media – which is the best supper digital marketing technique for  getting more traffic. Social media feeds are considered good by some, but honestly, they are distracting. They draw attention of the customer from what he is actually doing on the page – whether is buying  a product or requesting a quote etc.

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