Do you know the Non-Mobile-Friendly Sites Disappearing from Top Google Results?

SEO is a good strategy for getting good online business inquires. But due to new Google update “Mobilegeddon”, many business E-commerce websites lost their top Google ranks from mobile search result.

⇒ Did you check own website for Mobile-Friendliness?  

 ⇒ Did you lose your website traffic?

Don’t worry if you have not checked your website status yet, or if you don’t know how to check a website’s mobile friendliness without taking any help by professionals.
How to know Website status is Mobile-Friendly or not? To check website status, just follow us?

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, there are two steps to know your website is mobile friendly or not:

1. Press Ctrl+Shift+M (it converts your browser screen into a preferred mobile screen, you can also change its size.

2. Use add-ons that are specially designed to convert your screen or shows the results separately.

If you are using Google Chrome or opera or Safari, Just try to get additional add-on that can help to identify the responsiveness of your website.

If you have not a Mobile-Friendly & Responsive web design for your website you can lose more business. You can also visit here for bed result of Non-Mobile-Friendly on Google Blog News:

“Here are many brands and companies that still don’t have mobile-friendly sites. According to a new study from Moovweb, there are clear visibility and ranking consequences, in addition to usability consequences.”

April 21st was the formal date when Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm kicked in. From that point forward, Moovweb has followed “1,000 critical e-business pivotal words in a scope of commercial enterprises” to see whether and how it has influenced global rankings on Google…. Read more

So, if you don’t have a Mobile-Friendly & Responsive website and looking for a best web designing company, Dev Technosy will be a best choice for you.

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About Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys is best web development & designing Company in Jaipur, India. this provide web development, web designing, software development and SEO services. We also offer committed and highly experts services for PHP Developer, iPhone App development and other programming professionals.
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