New Perspectives in iOS and Android Apps Development

Smart phones and their applications are the new order and developers have sensed their increasing popularity and are enamored at the business prospects. The two major platforms – Apple’s newly launched iOS7 and Google’s Android have put the developers in a fix, a dilemma of what to choose? Developers are basically interested in targeting a large customer base and both the platforms provide that opportunity.

How do programming languages matter in application development?
Developers having a single application in mind and envisioning it running in multiple platforms are in for a tough time. Java is the ultimate when we talk about android application development in India. Careers have been made by being proficient in java as android apps are written in java. As we veer towards I phone /I pad development. Applications that run on I phone /I pad operating system are written in Objective-C, a language common to C. Thus android application development in India and custom Phone/ I pad application development follow a very different path and there is no way a developer can write a single set of code that targets both platforms.

Hire android developer
Scope and expanse of Android application development in India and flood of custom I Phone/I pad application development

“Mobile is the future of software development” – Google’s Eric Schimdt
Mobile phone usage has vastly increased in India. India stands second in mobile phone usage. Hence Google sensing this opportunity launched a flood of applications for Android customers. With a surplus of IT techies’ android applications as well as iOS applications are developed by the dozen. Due to Androids popularity Android Application Development has the best remunerative business opportunities. In India software development as a service is very cost effective .Before android the industry was dominated by Symbian and iOS , but Android started it at a very low cost. While thinking of Android application development in India and custom I phone / I pad application development, we take three primary things into consideration:

• Revenue: The market needs inventive Application Developers .This can be taken as part time and developed application can be submitted to Google play store and custom I phone /I pad development is also a very lucrative option.

• Ease of use: Android application development in India and custom I phone /I Pad application development require programming skills which are easy to learn and make app development cost effective in countries with high number of IT professionals.

• Support: The very attractive and important attraction is that Android is supported by Google and iOS by Apple and both are giants in their fields.

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