Helpful Factors to Determine the Cost of a Website Development

The first and probably the most important question that comes to your mind when you are considering establishing a web presence is – How much will it cost, and not how to build a website! As we know how a website is very important for our business.


Factors Which Contribute To the Total Cost of Website Development

    1. Design – Design plays a vital role in the website because it’s the first part of the web development services such as Graphic design, User Interface design, User Experience Design.
    2. Features and Complexity of your website – This is an important task in a website because the cost depends on features and how to treat your website with users and how many pages on your website.
      • Additionally, when you add features like
      • Backend,
      • Admin panel Third
      • Party integration
    3. Pricing – The price calculate from the following types:
      1. Time and Material – Customer is billed for the hours of work done in developing the website.
      2. Fixed Price – A fixed price is decided on by the mutual agreement. The payments are generally made in after the custom website development company delivers each milestone.
    4. Your requirements in websites –Various things depend on websites requirements because there are two types of websites first one is a dynamic website and the second one is static websites.  So it based on your need and want and this all small thing just affect the cost of a website.
    5. Other Website Expenses –  Apart from all of the above website cost factors there are some other basic factors as well, which also helps to determine the cost as well. Such as:
      • Domain Name
      • Hosting
      • Maintenance and Support
      • Upgrading
      • Copywriting

To know the complete guide about About Website Development Cost And Factors read the blog: A Detail Guide About Website Development Cost And Factors


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How to Decide Mobile App Development Budget?

When you are going for a mobile app development services then very firstly, before app development you need to prepare a proper plan of your app include the app features, development platforms, integration third party features and hardware, designing according to your budget.

Helpful Factors to Determine Your App Development Budget

There are some factors which can be helpful to plan your budget of your mobile app, such as:

  1. Choose the Right Platform
  2. Outline Major Feature and Functions
  3. Assess the Cost of Integration
  4. Take Into Account the UI Elements
  5. Cost of Hardware Feature

Contact a Top Mobile App Development Company For Your App Development Solution

A Mobile App Development Company can also be helpful to determine your budget your app development cost. So, if you are going for a mobile app development then you should discuss about all the above mentioned points from the app development company.

For More Information on This Click at: Tips to Plan your Budget for Your Mobile App



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Top App Development Companies Interview: Dev Technosys

Devtechnosys interview

Appfutra talked again to Yash Sharma, Business Head at Dev TechnosysDev Technosys was founded in India back in 2010 by Tarun Nagar.

Read full Interview at:

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Valued Tips and Cost Estimation of Hiring Node JS Web Developers


Tips and mistakes to avoid while looking for leveraging node JS development services:

  • Creating a job description
  • Preparing interview questions
  • Searching in the right places
  • Knowing best practices and common mistakes in Node.js
  • Something from an expert’s note

Questions to Hire a Node JS Developer

  1. How Node works and what is I/O?
  2. What is event-driven programming?
  3. What’s Node good for? (good to hear – web apps, network apps, distributed systems)
  4. Can you tell the difference between Node and Ajax?
  5. What does term “non-blocking” mean?
  6. What is a callback?


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Popular Programming Language for Mobile App Development


There is some programming language which is widely used for mobile app development, they are as:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • JAVA

Note: JAVA hasn’t used completely for android app development. Only some open source libraries used for development.

Meet The Best Mobile App Development Company Today

Dev Technosys works on all of the above programming languages for a mobile app development. So, if you are looking to develop a mobile app, then visit at DevTechnosys today.

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Tools You Should Use to Optimize And Audit CSS Codes

We all know web design is how important for a website. It likes the raw material for a website which defines the workflow of a website. Html and CSS are the two basic needs for the web designing.

Audit CSS Codes

For a large website, CSS optimization is not an easy task. There are some complicating things like overwriting CSS codes, bugs, and other issues can appear during CSS optimization. But some online CSS optimization tools like CSS Drive, CSSTidy, Juicy Studio,, Atomic CSS, CleanCSS, CSSCheck can be helpful to optimize and audit the CSS code.

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Top Trending Platforms for Blogging Website Development


There are many open source platform to develop a blogging website. But some of them are as:

  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal

If you are looking to develop a blogging website any of those open source frameworks, then contact today to top Web development company Dev Techosys Pvt. Ltd. today.

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